Sunday, January 31, 2010

In just a fortnight......

There will be an auction on ebay for a FABULOUS decorative tree filled with handmade ornaments made in my honor by my PFATT sisters!

No, no, PFATT doesn't mean FAT. It stands for Primitive Folk Art Tea & Talk, an ebay group of PFABULOUS artists. I'm very proud to say that I am part of that group!

They have come together, members donating their time and talent, to create the beautiful ornaments that adorn the tree. It would make a PERFECT Valentine's decoration in your home, though it is not limited to a "heart" theme. It includes a monkey, lots of ladybugs, and other kinds of delicious things with lots of red and white and black and white polka dots.

Very Penny.

All the proceeds from the auction are being donated to the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society.

I believe the auction starts on February 14 but will keep you updated. In the meanwhile, please visit the Pfatt Blog to see a slide show of the tree and some of the 30 ornaments that will adorn it. It is mind boggling!


  1. How beautiful - can the winner of the auction go ahead and put the tree in their den? I believe something so wonderful should be visible year-round! This donation is just what they need to find a cure!

  2. This tree can stay up all year long as you want it too........too many adorable creations to be stuck away in a box somewhere in an attic or closet.

    I hope it brings in tons of $$$ for this cause.............we LOVE you Penny!!! =o)

    1 of the PFATTies!


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