Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'd say a good day!

Penny was up before me today, sitting in the den, with a cup of coffee in her hand! Wow! But by the time we left for treatment she was giving out of steam.

Got more blood today, more chemo, and then a spinal. EEeeewwwww...

Much stronger tonight, thank goodness. We've been told to 'rest when you feel bad, and rest when you feel good'.

We go back on the 25th. Until then, home meds, and rest.

What wonderful friends we have. Love to all of you.



  1. It was great visiting with you guys tonight. Stay strong!

  2. Penny, I've sent a couple of posts but don't see them here as I read thru your blog...just letting you and your family know all of us at Everyday Indulgence are following your progress. There is so much support out there from your many friends and fans who rally and send good spirits to you. Everyday we hear people in the shop expressing care and concern for you and family. Go Penny! We love you, Nancy


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