Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Settled In

Penny is all settled in at DCH. She has all her favorite blankets, pillows, and the three sets of plastic 'shelf looking things' containing tons of girl stuff.

She wasn't feeling all that great when I left her, but she knows she is in good hands on 2nd floor DCH.

I've got to work the next couple of days, so maybe one of my beautiful daughters will keep you guys informed for a while.



  1. Oh Nellie... I thought I was a tired before your post, but I can see, I have nothing to huff and puff about...

    I think Penny is where she needs to be for now, and I'm sure it feels good to have such expert eyes monitoring her every move... Wrap yourselves in those comfy blankets and think good, healing thoughts. Big hugs and prayers. Love, Christy

  2. Those girls sure are beautiful!! Love you guys
    -Susanna Cork

  3. Tell Penny that Nana said Hi and give her a hug from me. Please tell her that the ornies have almost all arrived for the Penny Tree Auction. I hope that she is feeling better and able to go home when we get it listed. I will be sure to send you all the link.

    All us PFATTies miss you Penny! =o)
    Love, Nana Lori


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