Monday, January 25, 2010

Visit With Doctor Hinton

We spent from 9:00 'til 4:45 at the cancer center today. We met with Dr. Hinton, got chemo, and a pint of blood. Doesn't seem like that would take so long, does it? But it does.

There was a nice gentleman, with his wife, next to us today. It was obvious it was his first day at the cancer center. The DCH cancer center staff were so nice to them, taking all the time necessary to explain what's taking place, etc., just as they continue to be with Penny. They are wonderful.

Dr. Hinton said we are entering a phase in Penny's treatment where she will be particularly susceptible to infection and fever. We are to even more tightly restrict visitors at home to protect her from whatever might walk though the door, and we are to monitor her temp very closely. We are back on antibiotics, just to be safe. He also warned us to not be surprised if he orders us back to DCH hospital for a few days at some point this week. Better to have Penny under twenty four hour care at DCH if she catches something and her temp begins escalating. I agree with the doctor. And Penny understands fully and is quite prepared to return if need be.

I asked Dr. Hinton if things were going according to plan with Penny. His response was everything is just fine. She's responding exactly as he expected. So, we're right on track with this damn disease and the treatment. So far, so good.

Penny rarely checks her MacBook these days, but every once in a while she asks for it. So keep sending your love, even if you aren't getting a reply. In fact, I caught her checking her email just yesterday morning.



  1. Thank you Jonathan for keeping us updated on our sweet Penny.
    Please give Penny a hug from Linda in Ms and tell her I think of her everyday.

  2. Even if penny is not checking, I am constantly thinking of you all. You are all so special to me. Tell her I love her. and the girls!
    xoxo, mccall

  3. Tell Miss Penny that I just got my tickets to the Phila. Scottish and Irish Music Festival and ask her if she'd like an autographed pic of "The Kilted Wonder".

    Big Ol' Hugs,

  4. Thinking of you, Penny, and your sweet husband, daughters, doggies and mother. We are all praying for you and sending our love vibes to T-town.

    We appreciate this blog. xo

  5. The LaCostes are checking in on you:
    Keep the germs away, eat as much as you can & know we love you all! You'll feel better soon.
    We just know it!
    Anne, Keith, John Charles & Rob

  6. I too echo the thanks to you Jonathon for keeping us all updated. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about your little 'sparkplug'..and wonder how the day went for her. She's in my prayers every day.
    Keep those germs at bay..and shelter our lil Penny for us..


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