Monday, February 1, 2010

Vampires and chemo........

Got my blood yesterday but didn't take that walk. I will make up for it today and take two walks. I stayed in bed while I got my bed was very toasty and warm and felt very nice....and did get up to eat but crawled back in the bed for the rest of the evening.

Getting blood always makes me think of being a vampire....I understand them (fictional though they are) so much better now!

This might be TMI for some of you, others might be interested so I thought I would at least share (and clarify) what I'm facing chemo-wise for the next several months. Ummm, make that next couple of years.

My most intensive chemo, meaning I go to the Cancer Treatment Center, will run through the end of May. Some weeks, it is a couple of times, other weeks, four times a week. Those four day weeks usually involve just a couple of shots, so it isn't like I'm sitting there for some long infusion. Plus, once we discovered that scheduling the shots for 1:00 means easier parking, and more "in and out" and back home again, it isn't so bad to think about. The only thing that throws that off is if I need blood. THEN the fun begins! A short trip becomes a long afternoon.

In March I will have 12 days of radiation on my brain, a preventative sort of treatment.

I will have a period, in April, where I will go once a week for an infusion as well as a treatment I receive through my spine. The first time I had to do the spinal thing, I was a nervous WRECK. Now that I know what it is like, it won't be so bad. Plus, the room is really warm and feels good and the radiologist that did it the first time had a very soothing voice. It's the little things, folks, that can make a HUGE difference.

Then, starting in June, I go to a once a month visits at CTC. These will continue for two years after my initial diagnosis, so we're looking at December, 2012 as an ending date. This, of course, is assuming that I behave and that the chemo is kicking ass and that I haven't relapsed or something.

All of this is accompanied by oral chemo that I will be taking but at least I, and now you, know sort of how my life is scheduled out.

Also, got my sleeping meds an hour early and it made a HUGE difference to get an extra hour of good sleep before the shift change and the activities that surround that....temp, blood pressure, etc. I just keep my sleep mask on and hold out my arm is great!

Peace out!



  1. Hey Penny mac! Just want you to know I love you and your family very much. Rebekah and I pray every day for you and allbof your family as well. If you are any where near as tough and honaey like yo mama you have no worries! God will always be there fir you and your beautiful family. I love you and best of luck and keep the faith. Because if you waiver I might have to come up there and bury my size 10 boot in your butt. Lol. I love youand will see you soon. Rob and Rebekah.

  2. Susan Carter DickeyFebruary 1, 2010 at 8:56 PM

    Put a big red circle on June. I'll bet that once a month sounds like heaven!

  3. One more thing to add to your calendar. . . Years and Years of Cancer Free life!!!!! That's worth praying for everyday!

  4. Cancer sucks! I hate it for you. I hate it for Anna. Two people that deserve to be out in the world at this very moment making the world a better and happier place. It doesn't make sense and there is nothing fair about it. We are down the hall if you need us or need me.


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