Thursday, January 28, 2010


Meme spent most of the day with Penny today. Plus, the girls came out and had lunch with her. They were having a grand 'ol time when I arrived as they were all three snarfing down some pretty delicious food from The Patio...the eatin' place downstairs at DCH. I was just back from Mississippi, so I joined Meme downstairs for lunch while the Katie, Mary-Keeley, and Penny ate and laughed.

All in all a very good day for Penny. Under her direction, Meme and the girls spruced the place up a bit. Putting this and that where it goes. Penny should be a hospital room designer. One thing is for sure, she wants her stuff where she wants her stuff. Now that's my Penny.

I wasn't with Penny for a long time today, but Meme says the new room, sunlight, bathing, dressing, reading her Kindle, good food, laughter, children, very handsome husband, visits from Jim Woodson and Catherine Collier from Christ Episcopal Church, made for a good day in room 221... featuring Penny Lamont McAllister.



  1. All that love and attention should have her back on her feet by tomorrow - well, love/attention and "new blood!" Sounds like a lovely place, Penny can start yet another career - hospital designer! Love to all, march on!

  2. Great news!
    Anne LaCoste

  3. Hi, Penny,
    Just checking in on you. If you don't feel like posting, that's ok.
    Keep fighting!
    Sue Blanton


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