Friday, January 15, 2010

The Hangover

I came home for lunch today to find Mom still in the bed, curtains closed and lights off. She has been feeling really crappy lately from what we are calling "Prednisone Withdrawls"-not fun my friends. Imagine how you would feel after a month long Spring Break on Bourbon Street? Yeah-that pretty much sums it up. Think the WORST hangover you have ever had times a million. We have all been there. Yuck.

After she smelled the delicious aroma of Chicken and Rice Casserole (thanks Paula Q.!), Mom decided that she might want to get up and eat something. Not having enough energy to make it to the kitchen to eat with us, we made her up a "Princess Tray" filled with yummy food-all topped off with a piece of Red Velvet Cake. This made her happy. After a delicious lunch, time for meds. Then back to sleep.

I have been reading a lot about this so called "Predinsone Withdrawl" and have learned that it may take a while for her to be feeling like her old self. We appreciate all the thoughts, prayers and DELICIOUS goodies-but, for now-need to keep the visiting hours to a minimum (pretty much only family).

MK, Dad and I will be trying to keep you all updated as much as possible. Mom has an appointment at the Cancer Center on Monday. Hopefully they can help us get her back to her old self!

Love, Katie


  1. Bless her heart. I hope Penny gets plenty of good rest.

    The "Princess Tray" is such a perfect touch.

    Sending my prayers.


  2. Katie that you so much for the update. And what a special lunch for our dear Penny. Hugs to you all.


  3. Penny, it has been too long, just know that prayers come from not too far northeast of t-town. please hang in there...this too shall pass. what wonderful family you have have.

  4. Love to daddy Jonathan, Katie and Mary Keeley for being such loving nurses to "patient Penny." Patience for now, happy thoughts for the future.


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