Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Penny's Day

Penny spent the morning at home with her mom watching over her. Ate a bit, but mostly trying to sleep in her bed after a not so restful night. Not sure why, but she just couldn't sleep much last night.

I took over around lunch, and we had a rather uneventful afternoon. Then the cancer center called about 4:00 PM and asked why we had not shown up for her SHOT. Turns out the 'check out' counter did not have Penny's shots for Wednesday and Thursday on their calendar, so when we checked out yesterday we were told not to return until the 25th. Both Penny and I mentioned that we thought she was to have four shots this week, Mon - Thurs. "Can you double check please"?

Anyway, instead of a bath, we piled in the car and headed to the cancer center for her shot. The nurses apologized, we got her shot, and headed back home. Now she's had a hot bath and is curled up on the sofa with two Bichons.

There are too many people to thank for the wonderful food that constantly streams to our home, so please know that we love and appreciate every bit of it. And for those of you outside the deep south, when someone is sick down here, people bring FOOD. Last night we had fresh gumbo from the gulf coast. And this afternoon a wonderful neighbor brought over a cheesecake. That just might be dinner tonight. Cheesecake!!

I'm sure Penny will be posting again real soon. I'm nudging her in that direction. Ever so gently.
Be patient.




  1. Glad you are eating well.Cheesecake??? wow! I am still available tomorrow after about 12 noon for whatever you need. I can bring food or whatever. Then wlll be gone again for a few days. So use me tomorrow. love ya!

  2. Food - one of life's great comforts! Glad to know that Penny is getting her vaccinations on schedule now! Take care of all.


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