Sunday, January 24, 2010

See Doctor Tomorrow

Over eight hours of sleep last night. Chemically induced.

Weak this morning. Ate a little left over Chinese with the girls. More rest. Then Penny's mama came over with roast pork, squash, peas, and rice. Penny ate at the kitchen table with us and loved it. Then immediately back on the sofa, and quickly back to her bed.

My question for Dr. Hinton tomorrow will be, "How's she doing, Doc? Is this plan doing what you want it to do?"

Yours truly,
The Husband


  1. Here's hoping and praying that the answer is a big YES and that it's working!

  2. You sound as tired as Penny... and I am sure you are Jonathon... That Dr. better have something good to say, or I'll get my panties in a bunch! LOL. Always have you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Christy

  3. Wishing you get good news today!

  4. praying for strength for the care givers as well as the patient. :)

    Praying also for positive news today! Hugs to Penny!

  5. Thank goodness for mamas and home-cookin'!
    Yes, Jonathon, you need to catch some Zzzzzzs, too!

    <3 Joanne

  6. Thinking about you all....big hugs mz. Penny....I see (read) you are keeping them all busy and on their toes. Good Girl!!! XOXO


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