Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sleeping in MY OWN BED tonight!

Yesterday there was a hint that I might come home today.

Today the nurses came in said "Are you excited about going home today?"

HELLS to the YEAH!!!!

By 10:30 I had blown SPA DCH and sent hugs and kisses down the hall to the nurses. What a great staff!

When the door opened and I felt the fresh air on my face for the first time in 23 days, I almost melted into a puddle of happiness.

Got home, Katie and Mary-Keeley and I sat in the sun and they took the rest of my stringy hair off my head....ahhhhhhhh.

Rested and then we were treated to homemade pizza from Nita and Holden.

My bed is going to feel SO good tonight.

Being next to Jonathan is going to be even better!

Thank you all so very much for caring, praying, gifts, cards and all the other good things I felt while in the hospital.

And don't worry.....the blog will go on. Still have LOTS to say!


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  1. Hey there! Just watched Julia and Julie again with Helen Boyd. thougth about you! Glad your first day home went well. Several of us will furnish dinner for yall on Wednesday night....I will call you. See you then.


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