Wednesday, January 6, 2010

People have been so kind.....

And I know I have been been late in mentioning names, gifts, flowers, cards and more that I've been blessed to receive. I've been keeping a list.

Jonathan's checking it twice.

I have to stop for a minute to talk about a most timely gift that arrived yesterday from Janet Crowder and Phyllis Ward.

Though I never taught with Janet or Phyllis, per se, I've known them for years. I did have Rachel and Zach Ward at Verner when I was in the library. Janet has been and excellent teacher in the system for years and they both made the American Studies program at the Tuscaloosa City School system an outstanding one.

A knock on the door and in walks Janet, with JUST the perfect thing at the PERFECT time!
An extra large African made straw basket, huge red/straw stripes. My eyes bugged out at the pattern.

Then, I realized it was the perfect gift for me to carry my things I want/need to do, but might need to move to another room to do computer, phone, new magazines/catalogs, notebook, and other things. PERFECT in every way!

Thank you Janet and Phyllis....and for the sweet notes in the card.


P.S. Will get a picture up ASAP. This basket SCREAMS Penny!

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