Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OK, I TOLD you I needed to chat this morning!

Yes, you've seen this picture before.....

I have GREAT NEWS from the import company I design Christmas items for!

If you made it through this post about my association with Midwest of Cannon Falls, then you may have noticed that I had wanted to join with them in donating a portion of the profits earned from the sales of the 2010 Christmas items to the Lymphoma/Leukemia society for research in the field.

They called yesterday and we have come to an agreement to let this happen!

I am SO excited!

They will announce this to their sales team today, at America's Mart in Atlanta, as the gift show before they open the doors to their appointments. (They are also very excited about the fact that they have an increased number of appointments over last year at this time, so maybe things are ready for a real turn around! Let's keep our fingers crossed!)

Later we will work out packaging, info on sales tags, etc., that will let shoppers like you know that if you are purchasing a product designed by me you are helping provide money for research in the field of adult lymphoma/leukemia!

I am proud to be part of this company. They have treated me like family for years.

I hope that everyone will look back at the former post and think JUST HOW STINKIN' CUTE your kitchen will be decked out in gingerbread folks next year!

AND please, haunt your local gift shops and department stores and ask them to order this line for their stores!

Please feel free to forward this blog to ANYONE you know who owns a store, is a buyer, or who might be interested in helping with this cause!

Thank you, so much!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your success in getting the company to donate part of the proceeds to the Lymphoma/Leukemia Society!!!! What a wonderful
    thing!!! I am so impressed with your talent and creativity in so many areas. Like I told another talented friend today, those who have talent and creativity, seem to be gifted in multiple ways. I've decided that's why I have NONE!!!! Some of you got mine!! Take care! Protect yourself from germs and exposure. If that means no visitors for a few days, they WILL understand!!! Put your health first!!!
    Thoughts and prayers,
    Beverly Walker

  2. With help of my office manager, Patrick, I was able to figure out how to make an account so that I could read about you all and post comments. I am so computer illiterate. I dont think you got my post last night! Nancy P. told me about your blog yesterday. I was wondering how Cathy R. knew I had sent food there! Now, I get it!! I am proud of one of the first original elephants that you made me Penny! before you got big time in China! What a lovely idea to get them to make donations for your cause! It stronger! Love, Paula Q.


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