Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Lasr week, at this time, I thought I'd be in the hospital for two more weeks, if not more.

Toward the end of the week, I thought I might be going home today.

Then, suddenly, I was home, on Saturday!

My, how time as flown!

Getting adjusted back to home life has, as I've already indicated, been wonderful.

The days are passing quickly and I'm trying to do a little more each day.

A load of laundry. Fix a recipe. Enjoy visits from friends old and new.

Chatter on email. Sit and rest when I need to. Enjoy being told to sit and rest.

Try to pick out a new sofa, because I think i've gotten all the use I can out of a 30 year old treasure.

Seeing my family at lunch, when the girls, Jonathan, and Mama are here.

Each day is like a beautiful present to unwrap!

Oh, and the seed catalogs have started to arrive and I'm having tons of fun circling all the things i want to get.

Note: That i WANT to get. Doesn't mean I will, but there are some darn pretty four-o-clocks in a watermelon color
that I've never seen before. I think I WILL get those!

I love old fashioned smell good flowers that bloom late in the afternoon in the summer.

Last year after my big plans of 'the garden of the century" went to hell in a handbag, I did AT LEAST manage to do one thing right.

I would go out in February and get everyone's first grass clippings/last of the leaves that were shredded and bag them up.
My neighbors thought I was nuts. Jonathan thought i was nuts.

I filled haybale lined "raised beds" to the top with over 80 bags of this treasure.

I now have the happiest earthworms EVER and will not have to use a shovel this year.

If I see ANYONE in my neighborhood grabbing this organic gold I will SHOOT you, unless, that is, you want to drop it off at my house.

Then I will kiss you.


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  1. Penny...you are too funny! I am glad you are doing well!


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