Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Phone Call

Penny got the last for four shots today...for this week. A giant thanks to her mama for taking her.

Penny is still very tired almost all day. And she's not her usual scrappy self. (The girls and I can get away with almost anything we want.)

Then, a cancer survivor friend of hers calls to pick up her spirits. I couldn't hear the conversation, but Penny seemed much better afterwards. A huge, huge thanks for that call.

The doctors have a plan, and we're following it. But geeeezzzz...


  1. Awwww.... My poor little Peanut.... Chin up, Buttercup.... You will be feeling a little more "scrappy" very soon....

    Jonathon.. You and the girls can get away with as much as you want.....almost... snicker! Sending a huge cyber hug to each of you! Love, Christy

  2. I haven't had a chance to check in for awhile, and was thrilled to hear Penny was beinga little scrappy!

    Thinking of you!


  3. Ok, boys and girls - BEEEEEHHHHAAAAVVVVEEEEE - Penny may be a little tired right now, but Santa Claus is keeping a list for her!!! There could be another TV in it for you!

  4. Good evening Penny, sending you a great big cyber hug-----Arlene

  5. Just checking in on you monkeys... Be good, or we will take your food away! LOL... Love, Christy

  6. love you miss penny...
    hang in there..and don't let crusty take your food away lol

  7. Especially don't let 'em touch the pimento cheese. I've got dibs on it!

    Love you, Penny!

  8. Hey Penny Girl! Sending you positive vibes and many prayers! Can't wait to hear that little Alabama voice again at the next Pfest! You are such an inspiration to many Penny, including me! Love ya!

  9. So how is the cheesecake down South? I hear it is richer and sweeter than up in the North...but then I hear a lot of things are richer and sweeter in the South compared to the North might just have to make a road trip to Bama-land to find out! Of course if I make this trek I expect some "scrappiness" from my favorite "Southerner"...Take care Penny and don't let the needle/pill happy hospital staff get the best of ya! From one cancer survivor to another....Pam

  10. We have missed reading your blogs. Anna was at UAB all week getting a consolidation treatment of chemo. It went well and they think we might have a donor for the transplant by Monday!

    I hope you get some energy soon. We think cancer sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending you much love.
    Pam and Anna Gordon

  11. Tell that Penny her PFATT "sistahs" are thinking about her everyday. Sorry to hear she is in that nasty phase when the chemo saps you so badly. She'll beat this, her body just needs time to recover from everything being thrown at it. Sounds like you are all giving her great care!!!!!!

    Loving thoughts!!


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