Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saddened to learn......

That a brilliant young man, Walter Braswell, had passed away suddenly. I remember when Walter worked for Claude Harris, a former assistant DA while my first husband worked in the DA's office.

Claude was a fine, funny, and wonderful guy. Walter would have had to have been to have worked so closely with Claude.

Walter was 55. I am 56. I've known so many great folks who've gone before they're 60. We all must take better care of ourselves and not ignore things that we think are wrong. I know we can't prevent the inevitable, but I've really learned about "paying attention" to things.

Also, very saddened to learn that the great-grandfather, grandfather, father and father-in-law to my good friends Rick and Liz Pearce, children Davis, Libbo, Maggie, and great grandchildren had passed away on Monday.

Liz had just visited me the Sunday before after checking on her father in law who was having stints put in. Jonathan saw Rick as we were leaving the hospital as Rick was going in to check on his dad. I wonder if Rick learned to dance by watching his Dad dance with his mother? If he did, he had a MIGHTY lucky mother!

My heart and love go out to both of these families who are suffering though such a sad time right now.

Please know I love you, am praying for both families and will try to do what I can while being sort of stuck here at the house.


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  1. I read of Walter's untimely death, too. He was a really bright young man with a quick wit. I miss Claude. If my memory serves me correctly, I think he died at 55 of cancer. 55 is much too young. I was diagnosed with my cancer at age 55, and mother died at age 55. I still think you're going to be just fine. By the way, I sold a stove just like that beautiful one in your post when I had my antique store. I wish I could have bought it, but I either didn't have the money or the place to put it--perhaps both!!



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