Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today is Dr. Day.....

Yet another first.

Will they take blood and determine that I need some? (I feel like I do)

Will my yucky lethargy just be part of the prednisone withdrawl?

What will I find out?

Stay tuned and I'll let you know.

But I sure hope I can get to the furniture store to look at some new chairs.

Shopping, always a woman's priority!



  1. Oh mama, I love that shopping and the home-makeover project is never far from your mind! Keep those spirits up girl! I love you!!

  2. Sorry. Shoppin' ain't gonna happen today.


  3. Anne LaCoste is checking in to see how you're doing. New chairs? Sounds like fun to me!
    When I need to shake things up I just go for a manic turn the house upside down rearanging project.(Where did I put the sofa last time?) But at the moment I think a few new paint colors for the walls are also in order...Is this early Spring Fever???

  4. I have a camo directors chair I won't need in about three weeks if you're interested. There may be some mud on the feet but you could put plastic under it. :O)


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