Monday, December 28, 2009

Seepyhead Jones...

Well, folks, might just have found the right combo for sleep last night!

Usually when the 4:00 a.m. activity starts, I'm wide eyed and busy tailed.

Not this morning...I fell asleep AGAIN and woke up 7:00.

Then the nurse told me my blood counts were down so it would be tranfusion time again.
Eat your heart out, Edward Cullen.....I get blood easier than you do!

Also some more platelets.

I think I may have talked all my wonderful visitor's ears  off yesterday...

Alan and Mary Beth  Dennis, Liz Pearce, Liz and Tom Belk, Scott and Beth, Catherine Collier and Beth Roberts...thanks for stopping by!  Tonic for the soul!

Jonathan was here for a bit and then  he went home to chillax.  Mama rolled in, like Santa, all over again, with needed things, especially an electric razor.  No more blades for me!

MK brought me DELICIOUS flautas from Iguana Grill.

Katie showed up and then her friend Julie Harvey, who presented me with the most wonderful gifts...a Morgan Country Junior League cookbook and the incredible POWER. LIFE. RED. blanket!  OMG, Julie and Skippy!  What a special present!  It felt great on the bed last night!

Then, the girls went shopping and found more cute tops at Old Navy, as well as more ways to contain the all the needed stuff around the room.  I guess you you could say they had fun outfitting my new "dorm room"

The day ended with Beth Roberts and me, talking through our hearts.

Only mine was filtered through a big dose of benedryl, given IV right  before a platelet transfusion.

Poor Beth....she knows me now at the molecular level.  She got the full effects of a very loose tongue.  Even still, we were able to talk about "God's Plan" and what her mother's experience was like as she went through cancer.  It was very heartwarming, and wonderful, and a conversation I hope to continue.

It will be amore relaxed day for me today.  Needing blood means I need to slow down a bit.

Emails welcome.  I'm going to be kind of lazy today.  Breakfast has just been served!



  1. Okay, glad to read this update! maybe you do need a day off from company to rest your brain!!!
    Enjoy those wonderful meals!

    love the pics of are adorable..and im lovin' that red blankey!!!!!!!!!

  3. Get some rest, Penny! I loved seeing the photos of you - (of course, you look just beautiful!)

  4. Nancy, you cone came today! You do beautiful, perfect work! Thanks so, so, so, much!

  5. Sam...yes, that red blanket is DIVINE. I hope you'll be yelling ROLL,TIDE, ROLL on the 7th. You don't know people in Texas, do you?


  6. MB,

    Low blood day means lazy day for me....I got made up, dressed, sitting in chair for Dr. Hinton. Wanted him to see a big difference than from Deecember 10! He told me he/they suspected that I might have had Chronic Leukemia that had gone undetected, and then exploded into the Acute variety. I can't wait to speak with him more about this. It would explain SO much.

    After he left I just got in the bed and let my mind drift...not too much time on computer today, until now. Ocean sounds....I'm pretending I'm at PK. Very nice.

  7. Glad you like the cone, Penny! It really wasn't empty - I filled it with love and good wishes before I sent it off!!!

  8. Penny,

    I have O negative blood. Right now I am on antibiotics curing the cold crud and I don't know if that would be a problem in donating or not but I will check into it. If it is not a problem, I will come down to DCH and donate just as soon as I can. Hang in there and continue to be one of the cutest people on earth! Roll Tide Roll! I have to get well because we are going to Pasadena next week!

  9. Nancy, I knew that....I could FEEL it!

    Becky, what a sweet thing to say and to do. Get yourself well, and come donate. Whether I get yours, or somebody needs it before me, it will be a huge blessing.

    So jealous about Pasadena. J and I had talked about it when it started looking like an "almost serious possibility" but then decided that we wanted to take the girls to California to explore where he lived, and some different parts (like Napa), with them on a more leisurely trip. I guess somebody above knew what the right plan was!


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