Monday, December 28, 2009

Lazy Day....

OMG....isn't this fun? This is just how we played and heard this song, "back in the day."

Scratches, pops, and all!

It has been a lazy day for me. Nice visit from my cousins on my Mama's side, Glenda Goldfinger and Anita Hoskins.  

Glenda brought the cutest figurine she made of me, holding my hands in the air to "Good Morning, Starshine"! It even has an open back gown, complete with butt cheek hanging out, and my FUGGS on my feet. Priceless!

Anita, another OUTLANDER fan, brought me the latest part of the series, Echo in the Bone, along with a parrot head wine stopper (which I can use HERE), and a pair of cool socks! Thanks so much!

A day in the bed, due to the "low blood" (aka, low hemoglobin, which is just part of this deal), and have had two units of blood.

Tomorrow should be a perkier day!

Speaking of blood. Mama told me that people had asked her about donating blood for me, which is SO thoughtful.
I asked the nurses about this but since there is a shelf life on the blood (you can't believe what all I've learned 
about this stuff, just by chatting away with the FABULOUS nurses here) and that the best thing would be to just 
donate blood to the blood bank. That way, if somebody needs blood before I do, it will be there for them....and 
then when I need blood, there will be some for me.

But here's the twist....I'm O negative and can only receive O negative blood. So, if you've got it, come donate it!!
I found this simple explanation, in case you're wondering why only O negative is what I can get.

But the coolest thing is watching it flow in.


And, it reminds me of a CRIMSON TIDE, too!


  1. Hi Penny, I just came back from our farm. I've been reading your blog from the past few days. You have had a busy, busy week. Not only are you learning volumes about cancer, but all this technology stuff. I'm impressed! It sounds like your Christmas was a good day and you are blessed with so many dear friends. It took me a while to figure out the Fuggs.... I started reading from today and went backwards. Keep that great sense of humor. I swear it is like listening to you at Verner in the "old days" ... not that we are old. We are just a little seasoned. Take care and know we are thinking of you and your family.

  2. WOW! They really have upgraded the cafeteria at DCH if you can use that wine stopper.

    The first in an ongoing series of "Book Talk" on what kids are reading: The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. This started as an online book that my Matthew read a few summers ago.

  3. Sally,

    Don't think the wine will come from the cafeteria....LOL! And, love the term "seasoned". Want to more about what you're doing with your latest adventure. Saw Debbie and asked and she told me about your interior degree stuff. I know you're having fun! And doing it in typical, FULL STEAM AHEAD Sally Barton style! LOL!

    Susan, thanks a bunch for the recommendation! Keep em, coming!


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