Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Morning quickie....

Nice restful night, even without the use of the "glamour mask" to block the light. Tired from the low hemoglobin but two new units of blood might make today a little easier.

Breathe deep and get that oxygen to your blood!

Note to self: Get the macaroni and cheese recipe from DCH Patio Grill restaurant. OMG.

Not sure what chemo is on for today but now I can program it into my new phone so I can keep up.

Santa's coming tomorrow!

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  1. If you get it, share it with me!! Love m&c (a little too much).
    Do you like Enya? we have been listening to her latest (I guess...) CD that has some Christmas music on it. I find her music so calming. I am still into old fashioned CD playing, but hi-tech you can download it.....or get it for the cd drive in your iMac.
    I will call you later today, and stop by. Hope your morning goes well.
    love , mbd


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