Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Morning, Starshine!

"The earth says hello!"....

Just a quick update since i have a lot i want to write but am about to start second day of meds so will come back later and add a story or just more jibber jabber about what's happening.

Great night, even better morning. I woke up and realized that I can treat this like my "hotel" wake up experiences that I have while going to art shows. Completely different from my home morning routine. Room service coffee, easy wake up experience while stretched out in the bed, breakfast, bath, and then on with my day. It was a very nice revelation and even better to put into action! Oh, and even better, I started reading a book that Katie brought me, The Bounce Back Book by Nancy Salmansohn. It has been a great, quick read and the graphics are clean and modern. The advice is great, not overwhelming and i promise, there is something in there for each and every one of you. Put it on your Christmas list or buy it for yourself for Christmas. You won't regret it.

Adding to the excitement of this experience is that Jonathan happened to walk in with my Safeguard soap and got to participate in the shower process...if this is TMI (too much information), well, sorry. (He scrubbed my back, ok? ) It felt nice to feel "normal" again. Not something I felt a week ago today.

I think I'll sign out with some of the strangest lyrics in musical history....

Glibby globby gloopy, nibby nobby noopy, la la la lo lo..... (From the song, "Good Morning Starshine", from the play HAIR.)

Hope you enjoy the has been one of my all time favorite songs since I first heard it. Just the opening of the song makes me want to put my arms in the air and wave them around, and that, my friends, is the sign of a GOOD SONG. Even if you don't like this one, I'm sure you've got your own songs that make you feel that way. If you do, play one for yourself today!

Love to all,


  1. You know I am going to take a book rec from you (except Harry Potter and those time travel pieces!! ha ha ) and you made it so easy to do it with the link!! Amazon should send you kickbacks! I love Amazon's new one click shopping with a pin number....just too easy to spend money these days.
    Weather is chilly and windy but is sunny, finally, here at PK. Alan has already walked and I need to get myself going.
    Better suit up and get out there.
    Look forward to the next update. mbd

  2. Hi Penny,
    I am so proud of you and your good mood. I am sitting in my kitchen looking at my beach angels and they are soooo stupid and cute they put me in a good mood. I am very sorry you joined the "C" club,but I know you'll be okay.Good luck with everything. see you soon.

  3. Good Morning Penny!
    I am about to head out and shop. Yes, I procrastinated too!!! Thank-you for the book recommendation, it sounds like a good one and I consider it highly recommended and I'm off to Barnes and Noble to look for it. Whew! How was that for a run on sentence!!!
    I am so happy you are feeling better today. I have been checking on you often but just discovered the comment section. Look forward to your updates.

  4. Goood Morning Sweet-thang!!
    You are a silly nut..and i love it!!
    Funny you mention that we picked it up the other day for one of the kids for xmas!!! Im glad its a good read.. I'll tell them to pass it around :)

    It's so nice to read you are being your silly self..
    big hugs..

  5. I love your spirit!!! I look forward to your posts.
    Prayers and blessings,
    Beverly M. Walker

  6. I'm thinking of you Penny! Sending beautiful thoughts with lots of humor your way. Miss you and big hugs...Iva

  7. As far as great songs go, I am partial to a Bobby Goldsboro song, as you well know. The blogs are great and I read it every day - I see a book project. Scott


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