Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nice day, already!

Dr. Hinton just stopped by for his daily rounds.

I knew he was coming so I quickly put in my funky tomato earrings, since I hadn't gotten dressed yet.

"You don't look like a leukemia patient!".

What more can you say?

Depending on how I react to them reducing antibiotics (to see whether I can keep a temperature/fever at bay) he said I might being able to come home as early as the latter part of the weekend! AMERICA! This weekend!

Got to call Haverty's to see if they can rush that new couch to the house!

Can't wait to drink coffee out of my favorite red and white polka dotted coffee cup!

Can't wait to sleep in my own bed, with my man!

Can't wait to pet my dogs!


So, keep your prayers, chants, claps for Tinkerbell going!

Oh, and CAN'T WAIT to watch the game on the 7th, AT HOME!


I'll end this post with one of the most WONDERFUL musical experiences Jonathan and I have ever had.

Michael Buble, in Birmingham, last October.

Third row, almost center, floor seats. Our anniversay gift to one another, even though our anniversary is in November.

We found out he was coming back to Atlanta in March, 2010, and wanted to take the girls to see him. He is not only an INCREDIBLE singer, but a performer/entertainer that will knock your socks OFF.

I wanted it to be my musical family Christmas surprise like the year we went to see Stevie Wonder in Nashville.

Found tickets, had the money to pay for them, floor seats, 4th or 5th row. Bad thing was it seemed a little sketchy--seller would meet you at the venue and lead you to your seats. Weird. Afraid it would be massive screw-up, so backed off.

That was on Friday, December 4. On Thursday, December 10 I found I had joined the "C" club. Was this some sort of "sign" that I didn't need to commit that money to something like this?

Was this a "God Thing"?

I don't know, but whether I'm here or there I'll be wearing this great T-Shirt Becky Hulsey Satterfield sent me yesterday which has a picture of our great state of Alabama on it that says:


Sorry, Texas cousins.....

And now, for yet another musical video treat....words not always appropriate to the situation, but theme is.



  1. Damn we need some ruby red uggs! There's no place like home, there's no place like home!!

  2. What a GREAT way to bring in the New Year!! I love you miss Penny and am sending good vibes from Huntsville!

  3. PS... Ive got a project for you!

    There really are no cards for "C" people. Im thinking Katie is already on the right track for our first one. We should come up with a funny line of "sorry your sick" cards.

    Anyone know Hallmark's number?

  4. Mom knows a big dawg at hallmark. Great thinking Mags!

  5. A Happy New Year on a Happy New Couch in a place with the Happiest of Memories - HOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE!!! You'll be there soon, I know!

  6. That's great news. Keep that temp steady so you can come HOME!

  7. What a wonderful start to the new year! I'm praying for you and your family.

  8. What wonderful news Mrs Penny!! Oh I will keep all of my fingers crossed!! Happy New Year-

  9. It's Anne LaCoste checking in:
    Congrats on going home!!! I know you're past ready.. I've been thing of you tons this week, but with Keith, and now his Mom, in the hospital I haven't been able to check in as often as I'd have liked.
    Your original bobble snowman I got from you at Kentuck so many years ago gets a special nod from me each morning. He send great vibes.
    Keith, Rob & John Charles send their love.
    Love Ya! Anne

  10. Penny, that's great news! Hope you get home soon AND get a new sofa out of the deal! In repsonse to your previous post re:wigs, I got a grey wig with pick curlers in it at the office Dirty Santa party. Will be more than happy to send it down to you! Love to you, J, and the girls...David Smitherman

  11. I am TRHEILLED at your progress and the promise of HOME filled with happy polka dots... Love your little beasts, as they are one of God's best medicine.... Remember that GOD spelled backwards is DOG....I believe there is a reason for that.... I love you Penny!

  12. Penny... Happy New YEAR! long time no chat! I miss our 4 am emails LOL.. thinking of you from Seattle ..
    Terri Brush

  13. YEA!!
    You do everything those great dr's and nurses tell you and then get the heck home!
    Love you! Happy New Year!

    ps...the "C" cards are a GREAT idea!

  14. thats the bestest news i've heard all week!!!! be home your own bed..your own recliner..watchin' the game.. I will send polkadotted thoughts so this happens!!

  15. Oh, I forgot to add that I totally LOVE Michael Buble! I remember having seen him on Oprah with his mother and learning that he knew when he was very young that he wanted to sing like this and perform. Such a great credit to our music these days. xoxo

  16. I just discovered Michael Buble around Kentuck time and have two albums or CDs. Hes wonderful. I love Fleetwood Mac- Dont stop, that was the theme song for the Clintons at the Democratic Convention!! Once you start singing it you cant stop! Paula Q


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