Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mac and Cheese....

Yeah. I got the recipe.

Met the head chef.

Ordering the "Christmas Special" for Friday.

Prime Rib and twice baked potatoes.

People...does it get any better?

Great food that I don't have to cook????

I've always had an appetite. In fact, I've done Weight Watchers three times and there will probably be a few more times in the future. When I got down to my lowest in a several years (a couple of years ago), I realized I had already lost that amount of weight (that I weighed at the moment) over my three tries at WW, the last being hugely successful.

Does that make sense? No? Well, here's the skinny. I weighed 130 in 2007. I've lost 130 lbs over the WW experiences, plus a few more diet tries. Sad. Will I learn?

Until I started eating chocolate chess pie again. That, my friends, will throw you off the wagon faster than you can say, "Jack Robinson." Winning Seasons Chocolate Chess Pie. None better.

(Question to self...Hmmmm, will chemo bring me back down to my Lifetime member goal weight. Here's hoping. )

At any rate, I must blog to the people of Tuscaloosa, (if you don't already know this) that being at DCH is FABULOUS in the food department. You should get your "Golden Age" pass and bring some cash and try out this grill thing they've got going on. FABULOUS!

Gary Lane, head of all the food services is as nice as nice can be and understands good, simple, tasty (yeah, he can season it up like my mama) food and that that's what the people need. He's a local guy who I hope won't get snatched up by some fancy schmancy something or other.

What he (and the hospital and the decision makers who made this happen) is doing for the mental psyche of folks that have long term or even short term visits to DCH, is AMAZING.

People...they knock on your door and say "ROOM SERVICE!" (If I've talked about this before, sorry for the redundancy, but this is some great food and even better service.

(Note to nurses and doctors....your time for praise is coming. It will take me a LONG time to talk about the excellence of care I'm receiving in the hospital where I was born.)

At any rate, waiting for simple sandwich after some mighty excellent Pasta Primavera I had for lunch. The PB and J I had yesterday tasted like home.

Very nice.


  1. Don't forget we all want the mac and cheese recipe! There is a new WW group in Orange Beach at noon on Mondays.....may be what I need after several months of bereavement eating. ......But I cannot resist m & c.
    Enjoy!! Plenty of time to diet later.

  2. You will have to share the recipe. FYI, Gary Lane used to be at NRYC when Bill was there. He is a great guy. He has "been there/ done that" with the fancy-schmancy places and I think he likes DCH just fine. Kudos to Dexter Hancock who is head of the dietetics unit for making this happen. Enjoy the prime rib! Rebecca

  3. One other thing...I think Gary had a child at Central Elem when you were there....will have to double check that, but maybe MBD will recognize the name? I will also ask Bill if he remembers seeing him at school stuff

  4. Can you get me the recipe for the PBJ as well? You know how much I love to cook!

  5. Rebecca, that name does not ring a bell....but I was only at Central for 3 years. Could have been after I was "ousted." Ha ha. Nice to see DCH (and hospitals in general) improve their meal offerings. Happy Holidays!

  6. Nope, you are right...Bill told me it was another one of the cooks from NRYC who had a child there. I just remember seeing a dad there with "chef's pants" on...different family, I guess.

  7. You picked a hell of a diet this time. geeezzz

  8. And you're writing is getting better.

  9. You get the last laugh. I screw up 'your'. No more 'comments' from me.

  10. Ha, ha, ha....what are YOU writing, Mr. D'Jonathan?


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