Sunday, December 20, 2009

An aside.....

I have another blog that is out of date but kind of fun, if you're interested.

You'll see some old Christmas Tree decorating adventures and some dreams deferred, while learning more about my obsessive compulsive tendencies to cram information down your face.
(Picture borrowed from TheatreBristol poster for a puppet show of The Little Red Hen. Hope they don't mind. This Little Red Hen was just too ME to not use!)


  1. Hey Penny,
    I just read your entire blog -- well the parts I hadn't read and it is so awesome. Uplifting, inspiring, fun. You GO GIRL! I am so happy that you are getting so much support from all quarters. But you REAP what you SOW so you have earned it. I love you. Keep up the good work.

    PS Do you like scrabble? I do online scrabble with my boyfriend and complete strangers from all around the world. Let me know if this would interest you, and I'll give you the info. You are such a wordsmith you would be good at it.

  2. Why does it say Dr. Susan? I'll try to fix that.

  3. Penny
    I had no idea you had the "C". I am glad to "C" you are finding desciptive ways to spend your time. Take care of yourself-try to avoid organizing anything to radical on the hospital wing. Much love,
    Lisa Pike

  4. I see that we are moving from Miss Money Penny (as the DCH front desk calls you) to something akin to Miss Henny Penny - as JIm AKA Foghorn Leghorn would say after watching a morning of cartoons, "Uh, I say...I say there Miss Henny Penny, you are the prettiest young thing I've ever seen before in my life." Miss Henny Penny responds, "Uh, JJJJeeeeessssssss!

    Cheree and Jim (Foghorn Leghorn) Causey


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