Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Musings....or, Good Mornin', Y'all!

Ok, quick shout out to the makers of Atarax. Can I say M I R A C L E drug for helping you sleep? After feeling like I was caught up in a mental swirling dervish, I got a dose and BOOM, off to la la land I went. So, well rested and ready to start the day.

My chemo nurse, Brenda, came by to explain what will be happening and now I'm just rarin' to go. A week from now, if I get on and say stuff like "F*(* this S^#$", then you'll know I've truly turned the color of Elphaba.

So, on the "F&8k this s^$t" stuff. It may come out witihout little euphemistic ampersands and stars. If that offends you then do like I used to tell my young readers. "If you come to a person's name you can't pronounce, don't waste your time trying to sound it out...just make up a name that sorta sounds like it looks and use that name the whole time you read. Mrs. Schlingodiginnigozzle will still be doing the same things whether you call her Mrs Snow or Mrs. Sligozzle. So, just make up a word that sounds better to you if you are offended, ok. But, please. Don't come down hard on me about it or I might just block you from making a comment.

Yeah, I'm feeling my oats this morning!

Hold on, Dr. House just walked in..... Don't get me wrong, he is not the irascible, gruff Dr. House. Brian is wonderful and has done such a wonderful job of taking care of my mother and me. A more caring and understanding man you will not meet.

Ok, back at it....

People have asked, "Have you thought about going to UAB"?, the huge medical school/teaching university about sixty miles up the road. The answer is no, I never gave it a thought. Last night that was confirmed by Dr. Dubay, one of my oncologists.

"Knockity, knock, knock, knock"

A different sound than the usual nurse or doctor knock. My family had just left so who could it be?

Dr. Dubay walked in and people, I don't really know this man, but he was sending out some GOOD VIBES.... it was in his demeanor, his face, his voice. Maybe he was just as excited to be getting on with this as I, but I was FEELING it, baby.
He explained some things to me (this chemo will be going on for two if y'all get weary thinking about that, I understand)...and asked me if I lived here in town, because if not I might want to think of moving here.

I wanted to shout out.."Hells yeah" because I was born right here in this hospital and have lived within a ten minute drive of it my entire life, my family's, as well. I had known that I couldn't have my family worry about me AND have to worry about driving to see me in bits and pieces.

I told him this and he replied "Well, I WAS the leukemia doctor at UAB and now I am here." Had this happened three years ago I might have been driving to UAB to see him.

So you see, I am where I'm supposed to be.

Love to you all,


  1. Another good story! Thanks Pmac!
    I was just thinking how serendipitous it was that you and and J spent time with us at the beach just 2-3 weeks? ago. It almost wasnt going to happen but for some reason, we were persistent and MADE it happen. Just a random musing as I stare at the waves and the once again, cloudy day!! lol.

  2. I guess you know by now I post as Anonymous. This is Anne LaCoste...I've met Dr Dubay, and like you, I LOVE THE MAN!! He is undoubtably the most caring doctor I've met in a long time (John excluded, of course). He really takes time with his patients, and he's GREAT at what he does.
    Let those #@*! words rip whenever you need to.
    It'll be good for you. And it won't bother us a bit!

  3. Penny,
    I have been so stunned with your "C" news that I have not known what to say. But after today,
    I know with every ounce of my being that you are going beat this thing. You know why??? Because you are about to begin in brand new career. You are about to be an AUTHOR!!! Your postings are HILARIOUS. I find myself getting excited about what I will read each time. Of course I am checking on your medical condition but I am also here to offer my encouragement and support to "your head". I can only imagine how quickly your mind is racing. It sounds like you are surrounded with a great medical staff to treat your body but your mind and spirit will pull you through this thing. All of those years spent reading and all of those years spent creating, and all of those years of nurturing children and family have filled you with "the stuff" to get you through
    this. Humor is the best medicine of all and you have enough for everyone. Good luck today and keep posting.
    Much love,
    Ginny Busby

  4. Penny,
    You made the right decision to be near the hospital where you get your treatments. I work for a hospital in Boston and it is so difficult for patients who have to travel. Oncology nurses are the best of the best - they have compassion and yet don't let you wallow in your misfortune.
    It is 18 degrees here (another plus for Tuscaloosa). Sue Blanton

  5. Good decision to stay here in T'town. I've heard excellent things about the new Cancer Treatment here which eases my fears. You are fortunate that you only have to have cancer treatments for 2 years that's encouraging. Allie's was 3 years. We are pulling for you. Atavan is one of the meds Allie took for nausea and anxiety. It works. Take care Penny.
    I enjoy reading your blog. Very entertaining.


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