Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Funday!!

Today, Katie and I went out with a long list of necessities for Queen Penny. Mom's dorm room is really coming along, complete with plastic drawer sets, magazine & DVD organizers, clutter catching baskets and of course, a closet full of rainbow-inspired cotton wonders from our favorite store, Cold Gravy.

Shopping is fun, especially for people who will wear anything and everything BRIGHT!! She'll never wear neutrals again, watch out!! Oh and, who knew Cancer looked so good?? Isn't she Lovely?? Isn't she Wooonnnnderfffull?


  1. Two beautiful women on a beautiful day - the measure of good parenthood is evident through their children. Penny and Jonathan, you did all the right things to raise Mary Keeley and Katie - two warm, generous young ladies. I KNOW you are proud.

  2. What a great pic! =o) If the girls are anything as sweet as their momma and I can tell by looking at these sweet pics that they are. =o)

    Hugs......Nana Lori


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