Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heartfelt Thank You

Thank you to all of the people out there who are praying for Mom. She has really enjoyed all of the visits, phone calls, cards, and flowers. Tomorrow we start on the road to recovery with Mom's first round of chemotherapy. 

Meme, MK and I have taken all of the flowers home with us because they are no longer allowed in Mom's room. They are so beautiful that Mom even let some hang out at the front desk of the hospital for everyone to enjoy! Let's hope I have inherited a small bit of Mom's green thumb while I baby-sit her Amaryllis. I think it is about to bloom!

Again-thanks to everyone who have kept us in your prayers. 


  1. You girls are doing great--a real inspiration to us all. Stay strong!

  2. Dearest Penny,
    Just heard. Love your blog. You know I'm not offended, but I do think you need to sound out those names:)! I have a sweet friend in Mobile who has chronic leukemia, so I have read extensively about both kinds. Your friends are many and your family is the best! We all love you. Saw the pictures of Jonathan in Tuscaloosa magazine with Chuck. Sorry I had to miss that event. Hey, the sleeping aid sounds great...I need some (Christmas at Verner). Love, Frances


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