Friday, December 25, 2009

Mom's new Christmas scarf, sweater, headband, boots, houndstooth shawl, etc. Merry Christmas! New photos to come soon!!


  1. Merry Christmas! The scarf totally suits you! Do you know you are my heroine? :) (That doesn't mean I expect every one of your posts to be perky. Just be you! You are teaching me so much about how I should be looking at the world! Thank you!)

  2. TOO CUTE! Of COURSE it's polka dots!
    I hope you had a merry merry day!
    Love you friend!

  3. Thanks, MB!

    Jane, thanks so much for your sweet words!

    Jamie...I'm ordering VINYL STICK ON/PEEL OFF polka dots for the room! Just can't decide on what color or colors and/or sizes. I need to cut some construction paper up and play with it a bit. The nurses are going to FREAK!!!!!

  4. Penny, you are oh so tres chic! Love the scarf. You look as beautiful as you did at our prom carrying your nosegay! xx Linda

  5. RED polka dots of course...or black...okay, I see your delima! LOL!


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