Saturday, December 26, 2009


If anyone had a better Christmas Day than I, it was only the young children around the world who experienced their first REAL moment of wonder when the room they saw the night before transformed into  Santa's magic land.  Y'all remember that feeling don't you?

The bicycle in the corner.  A train set you had longed for.  A doll you had only dreamed about.  Doesn't matter what it was.  You had a day like that and it will always and forever remembered as THE. BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER.

I will try to share my wonderment of a day without being "too wordy".

1. Coffee in bed.

1a. Waking up to an comment on a post from Elizabeth from Creative Breathing, a blog I love to read and without whom, I might never have realized that I, too, had stories to tell, things to say.  When I first started reading her blog, I thought, "I wish I had stories like that!"  I do, they're just different.  One of these day there will be a whole post about Elizabeth.  She is amazing.  You will lose yourself in her life, her stories, her creative abilities that she only just discovered she had.

2. A fabulous breakfast with eggs that tasted (almost) as good as my Mama or Dad have always cooked for Christmas breakfast.  Oh yeah.  Served in bed.  Oh, and a moment of thankfulness for the food that came out of my mouth like nothing I'd ever said before.  I even told God "Thank you, for allowing me to go through this disease and trial."  There'll probably be a whole post about that later on.

3. Trying to be the first to say "Chrismuh Gift" to my Mom.  She beat me.

4. BEING the first to say "Chrismuh Gift" to Jonathan after he said "Hey" on and IM chat.  I typed it in real fast.  He said it wasn't fair.  (HUH?  He could have typed in "Chrismuh Gift" instead of saying "Hey".

5. Getting to watch my family as they opened presents via iChat on our computers, them getting to see me watch and react.  Though not physically there, it was pretty darn close.  (Again, Steve Jobs, thank you!)

6. While they ate their breakfast, I got to bathe, unhooked from my "Christmas Tree of Life".  It, fortunately,  needed to charge up RIGHT when I needed to go into the shower.  Priceless.

7. Choosing from my "Dr. Seuss" collection of new tops,  new leggings, and putting on my FUGGS. (Fake Uggs to you uninitiated.  15 bux.)   All of which made me feel like a person in a spa, not a hospital.

8. Putting on my "face" (make-up, guys, make-up), fluffing my hair, and perching myself in the corner chair in the room so my family wouldn't see me in the bed.

9, Hearing my little elves at the door. They bring in presents that are perfect for the hospital.  Long shruggy type sweaters from Chicos, from Mama.  (We LURVES us some Chicos!), jogging suits (not that I'm going to be jogging but I do plan on walking up and down the hall), a pretty scarf, a houndstooth wrap that will be worn not only on January 7th but for a LONG LONG time.   Oh, and a sound machine from my sweet husband, along with some really funky scissors that cut fringe into paper, for when I get out and don't have to worry so much about running with scissors.  And I can't forget these fabulous felted ball ornaments, dotted with red, from Katie, nor my Julie/Julia dvd from Mary-Keeley.  There was more, but I don't want to bore you with it.

10.  Dr. Jordan, who told me I could drink the communion wine.  No problem.  Wine is sterile.  More importantly, it has been consecrated and blessed (blessed and consecrated?) by a priest.  God wouldn't pull something bad on that wine, now would he?  That would be too cruel a joke.

11. Rev. David McGinnis bringing beautiful poinsettias in from church that I couldn't keep in the room but at least got to see.  He looked so snappy in his collar and red vest.

12. Fast on the heels of David, came Catherine Collier, bringing communion for the family in the room. The intimacy of the moment, the being more attuned to the words of the ritual, the saying of the confession, the closing prayer.  The. Most. Amazing. Communion. EVER.    P. S. Catherine had on her red sweater and when she asked what side of her liturgical scarf we wanted her to wear, we picked purple, though it isn't liturgically correct....but it look GREAT!.

13. Family helps organize Christmas presents, jetsam and flotsam, hangs up my clothes.  I am directing from the chair.  They pack up and leave to go rest.  I have on Pandorra to some nice low Christmas music and stay in the chair to read more in My Life in France.

14. Two brothers-in-law and a new girlfriend come to visit.  Nita "KNOWS" me even though we've only really met/talked once, though, we've texted, and she's visited the room twice.  She made me a compilation cd that had almost every song I danced through the early part of my courtship with Jonathan. How did this woman know part of my playlist of faves in my brain?  She also brought a cd of a reading promotional dvd she made to encourage kids to read.  MY. KIND. OF. WOMAN.

It was a fabulous visit.  Rogers looked great and from where he sat I gazed on his face, smooth, serene, with the most beautiful blue eyes.  (All my McBoys have beautiful blue eyes.)  We reminisced about our trip to New York in 1980, where Rogers snapped a photo of Jonathan and me, on the streets of NYC.  We wanted it because we have this great picture of his mom and dad, on the streets of NYC in the 1940s.

Holden brought me the makings for a compost tea brewer to use in the spring.  We are going to grow some KICK ASS tomatoes!

15.  My bestest friend in the whole world, Jean Gordon, walking in the room, seeing me decked out like in Katie's post below, sitting in the chair in the corner,  and then bursting into tears and declaring that THAT was the best Christmas present she could have ever gotten.  I had become "me" again!

She knows my penchant for hand made items and often shops for me in A'Mano in Birmingham. I've never been in the store (WHY???) but know that some of my favorite people, Kay Sasser Jacoby and Niki Quick, work there.  They "get" my work, I love their work.   From A'Mano she brought me this incredible bead encrusted, shell, and and jewelry pieces "hand of friendship".   It is amazing and beautiful, just like Jean.

While she was here, they brought in the "Christmas Special" dinner.  Prime rib, twice baked potato, broccoli with cheese sauce, coconut cake.

Here, may be the best part of the day.  The knock on the door.  "Room Service".  It was a new RS girl who didn't know me.  She looked around the room.

"Where'd she go?"
"The patient."
"Oh, that's me!"
"WHAT?????"  (Jean and are trying not to laugh out loud)
"Oh, You goin' home tonight?"  (Remember, I'm decked out in regular clothes, sitting up in the chair)
"Oh, GIRRLLLL, No!  I'm here for 30 days!"
"WHATTT?????  You don't look sick!"

Can you imagine how that made me feel?  Like a million, billion, trillion dollars!

When I sat down to eat, I was greeted with some of the most incredible tastes ever.  I will now be wanting the recipe for the cheese sauce on the broccoli.  The twice baked potatos were not only divine but the presentation was worthy of the North River Yacht Club dining room, and that, folks is saying TONS if you live around here.  The prime rib was perfect. The coconut cake, delicious but I was too full to eat all of it.  Otherwise, I was a member of the clean plate club.  Everything seasoned to PERFECTION.

After that, phone calls to home, a phone call from my Marlowe family (Rudd, from the earlier post) in San Antonio.

Then time for a benadryl dose before platelets, which made for a GOOD NIGHT'S sleep.


Oh, and did you notice that I didn't rub in the fact that I didn't have to decorate, shop, cook, wrap presents, clean up, or drive near Mid Town village?  I just wanted to make sure you noticed I didn't rub that in.


  1. Hope the glow goes on and on! Thought about you yesterday......
    Another place you must shop in Bham, if not already, is Maralyn Manson Gallery......on Claremont.
    See you soon!

  2. Susan Carter DickeyDecember 26, 2009 at 8:24 AM

    I got a couple of neat books (that my niece says can't be found in town). One is The Librarian's Night Before Christmas, which even more perfect for me than she realized. Every year one of my teacher friends at Walker and I entertain her class (and maybe a FEW specially invited guests--we like it intimate) with versions of The Night Before Christmas. She reads the Hawaiian one (in Hawaiian) that her sister sent her when her husband was stationed there. I read the Cajun version, my aide reads the Alabama football one, and Gary Mims (our principal when we started this tradition) reads the redneck one. Plus I have a space/futuristic one (except I think the title is 2010!) and a school library one tht we try to get someone else to read.

    The other book is Phraseology, which tells the origins of all kinds of sayings we use everyday. Definitely my kind of stuff. I just heard on the radio about the origin of Xmas--not meant to take Christ out of Christmas and people should not be offended. PLUS, ta da! I got a Kindle--I can actually download a book in less that 60 seconds. I tried it and it really works! Can I control myself!?! (As one of the people at school who "fixes" computer problems, I'm usually sceptical about things working as easily as advertised, but this Kindle and my GPS are really as good as advertised). I think I love it, but definitely NOT to totally replace actual books!
    And, yes, I did notice you didn't rub it in. I admit I've thought what if I slipped and sprained my ankle and just had to sit through Christmas with it propped up (how many out there will come clean about this?), BUT you've gone to the extreme! Christmas is over--get well already!

  3. OOOH, Susan...I need those that Phraseology book...will look for it on Kindle or is it a more "visual" kind of thing?

    What a fun thing to do with The Night Before Christmas, too! My mother always read aloud to me an old book, not "PC" now, called "How Come Christmas". FANTASTIC. She would also read "Diddie, Dumps, and Tot" stories to me, as well. Again, not PC, but such GREAT STORIES.

    Thanks for the post....

  4. Thanks, MB! It really was such a wonderful day, as today has been. Wonderful visit from an old student, Joanna Jacobs, and her mom, Anna Singer.

    Interesting, stimulating discussion, and Joanna picked out perfect movies and some tv series to bring for me to watch on my 'puter.

    Jonathan came, we turned on beach sounds on the sound machine and he almost fell asleep, while reading.

    Told the other family not to bother to come out today....we all need some quiet time without having to "be somewhere" or "get something" (well, them, anyway!).

    You and A, of course, are welcome to come if you're on your way to paradise this afternoon.


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