Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just incase you wondered....yes....this is usually the look I get from the family as I pester away at everyone in the room. Isn't being the youngest so fun?? What? I'm just trying to lighten the mood...... :)

Peace. MK.

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  1. You're the 'bomb', MK.

    Did I say that correctly?


  2. What the hell Mary Keeley. I will get you back for this... Just remmember "Body Shot!"

  3. Classic! Room full of LOvE! Body Shots! I do believe it should be Penny's first outing on the way to the BEACH! Nita

    Cancer is so very limited
    It cannot cripple love;
    It cannot shatter hope;
    It cannot corrode faith;
    It cannot destroy peace;
    It cannot kill friendship;
    It cannot depress memories;
    It cannot silence courage;
    It cannot invade the soul;
    It cannot steal eternal life;
    It cannot conquer the spirit;
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