Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hare today, gone tomorrow......

THIS was the post I had intended to begin with yesterday, until the DCH network went on the putz.

In my aged brain, I seem to remember Bullwinkle trying to do one of his stupid hat tricks, with Rocky delivering the punchline, "Hare today, gone tomorrow!"

I thought it was appropriate, considering I was needing to get in contact with Dolly's wigmaker.

All I can say is I'm sure thankful my special Johnny Beck took care of me with at least a shortening of the hair.

It might be time for the Demi Moore scene.  At least she was doing it for a powerful woman movie.

NOT like Britney Spears!

I've always admired women who had the courage to keep their hair really, really short.

Sharon Pilsch comes to mind immediately.  Strong woman, no time to fool with hair (meant with love, Sharon!   You KNOW how much I love you!)  Only child, friend of the Lane Jackson, big sister to one of my best growing up friends, Pat Jackson Bowman.  Cute, perky, happy, bubbly.  ALL. THE. TIME.

Sharon, and her sister-in-law, Amelia Pilsch,  are no strangers to hospitals, sad to say.  But, before Christmas, while trying to juggle finishing up work at Verner (where she is the EVERYTHING to every person in that building), AND  traveling back and forth to Birmingham where her husband is awaiting a kidney transplant, she shows up at my door!

I hear Jonathan talking to her out in the hall.  Hear a rustle of something.  In she comes, dressed to the "nines" to keep the germs away, since that has she has to dress to go visit Frank on the transplant unit at UAB.

It looked like a yellow hazmat dress, outfit completed with a blue mask  through which she talked.  I finally told her to lift her mask so I could see her mouth move for a minute.  She did, but pulled it right back down.  We shared funny stories.  It was a great visit!!

I love you, Sharon Pilsch!


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