Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Morning, peeps!

Just a quick wake up post for you all!

Great night of sleep, easy blood draw, coffee brought to me in bed (how DIVINE!), a quick page or two of read in My Life in France. A few moments of reflection on the day before.

I'm really liking these moments of quiet reflection. I haven't had the tv on in DAYS.

A nice day of visits yesterday.

Jonathan, of course, the nicest of all.

Mary-Keeley, my funny, funny girl. (Missed you, Katie, but you got all your stuff done and I didn't, so I'm glad you got all finished up!)

Liz Pearce, who surprised me in all kinds of ways. Science fiction + Liz= Most Interesting!

Holden, my dear sweet brother in law, who made my heart sing because of his happiness!

Mary Beth Dennis, who brought me the PERFECT supper.....party food and then organized a speaker phone call with some teacher buddies who were celebrating Christmas and knowing each other with some more party food and a martini or two. DANG, a lemon drop would be SO good!

Last, but never least, my dearest friend in the world, Jean Gordon, who came to visit, and always sustains me with her love. We are two peas in a pod who can sit, not talk, and will have said everything we needed to say to each other. She has always "gotten" me. I love you, Jean.

Mama couldn't come yesterday because she, Johnny McPherson and Addie Hoole were celebrating the winter solstice with a lunch at Taco Casa. People, if and when I start telling stories about Joyce, Addie, and Johnny, TOGETHER, well, just watch out.

I missed seeing you, Mama. Can't wait until today when you, Pam, Beth, and Lily show up!

There will be just a touch more daylight today. Enjoy!

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