Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dreaming big....a musical interlude

Do you know the music from this musical theatre production from the late 70's?

If not, you should. Period. Don't argue with me.

The music was written by two members of ABBA, lyrics by Tim Rice. How could this be bad?

Today, while bopping around youtube, I found a video of somebody who dreamed big, in a HUGE way.

Susan Boyle. And no, this is NOT a recap of her Britain's Got Talent video. It is one that I was shocked and excited to see.

Before Susan Boyle, frumpy as could be, opened her mouth to let forth that voice, Simon asked her what she would like to do. Paraphrased, "have a career like Elaine Paige."

Do you remember the audience reaction? Shock, not even benign amusement.

This dowdy, frumpy woman wanted a career like Elaine Paige? The doyenne of musical theatre in Britain? The woman who had originated the roles of Cats, Chess, Evita in West End theatre?

Well, folks, I'm here to tell you. Susan Boyle can hold her own with Miss Paige. Big Time.

Here's to dreaming big.....oh, and in case you didn't make the connection between Chess and the video below, it is a song from Chess, one of the most beautiful of many. And THIS is what Susan Boyle got to sing with Elaine Paige for their first time singing together.


Here's to big dreams!


  1. Pretty song, thanks for sharing. Take your meds, rest and recover, better days are coming for all of you.

  2. Beautiful! Yes, aim for the sky! Elaine Page is still incredible and Susan Boyle is so talented. xoxo

  3. Penny,
    You are so beautiful and clever and I am so glad you have this blog to share with us. Take care, keep your whimsical spirit going strong! Love,

  4. I loved it! Never was there a dream more deserved to come true! Thanks for sharing...

    I love "Chess"...My youngest sang and danced to "One Night in Bangkok" for his audition into the University of Arizona Musical Theater Program...He got in. You should also listen to Jekyll and Hyde it is quite good too. Take care Penny....Pam


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