Friday, February 12, 2010

Promises, promises.....

Yeah, those weathermen make hollow promises to us all the time.

Monroeville to get 2-4", now they've changed T-Town to a "dusting"?

Even though I can't get out and enjoy it, I at least wanted to look out my window and SEE SNOW!!!!

I'm just going to have to turn off this darn TV and forget about it. Probably could have even had school today, not that that matters one whit to me anymore.

But, I know it has to be frustrating for those involved in making those kinds of decisions....Yes? No? Maybe? Yes? No?

Up with my cuppa joe, trying to blog a little bit. Slept pretty well but had some new pillows I couldn't beat into submission.

I also stayed on atarax all day yesterday which made for an interesting day of sluggishness.

Waiting for blood test results now. Yesterday was close to needing one unit, and could tell, but they decided to wait until today to see how the red cells were doing...dropping or rising in number.

Had a chemo shot yesterday...asparaginase...aka e coli. (Or has e coli mixed in?) You may recall from earlier posts in December this is the one where the nurse said "We'll give you a little to test your reaction but will have a CRASH CART outside the door in case you go into anaphalactic shock."

WTH? But, it was no problem and has been fine ever since. In fact, I even managed to mess with Nurse Emily's head the other day after she gave me the shot for the first time. I waited long enough and she asked how I I made a twisted face at her and stiffened my body. Probably shouldn't have done that but I knew that the reaction is almost instantaneous so that's why I waited.

Nurse Stephanie said "Oh, I just new she was going to do something like that....I could tell by the look in her eyes." Poor Emily...she said "WAIT til I've done this 20 times before you pull something like that on me again!"

I start over with "Level 2b" of my chemo on Monday...which is essentially a repeat of what I've done the past four weeks, starting with a spinal of Methotrexate. Last time I had that I was wired for 24 hours and wasn't sure it was from the adrenaline of being scared or the drugs.

I won't be scared this time.

Have fun playing in whatever snow we get!



  1. I'm sorry you are still on the second floor but I'm glad you feel like writing today. Anna has her big Valentine's date tonight so I'm happy for her the snow held off. I hope you have a good day with no surprises. Say hello to all the nurses for us. We will bring you anything you need. I'm five minutes away from the hospital.

  2. Hi Pemmy!

    Apparently someone got to our weatherman and he decided to speak the truth this time about a snowstorm in the South. (His name, and I'm not kidding, is John Weatherby, so he probably felt like he had to live up to his reputation!!) The only white lie he told this time (haha....pun intended ;) was the amount. Instead of the 2 inches predicted, we got about 4-5 inches of snow here in NE Georgia yesterday. It is indeed beautiful!

    I'm glad to read that your treatments are going along as scheduled, and your prank with the nurses made me smile. A girl's gotta have some fun, right?!

    Keep kicking cancer's butt!


  3. Oh my goodness....I just realized I spelled your name with two "m"s instead of two "n"s. A possible hazard of 40-something eyesight and a lack of caffeine.
    Have a great day, PeNNy.


  4. OMG had me giggling hysterically at what you did to that poor nurse............LOL I can just picture you doing that too. I must share this one with the PFATTies.....hehehe

    Luv ya and can't wait for you to see your auction all put together tomorrow night! Oh....and expect lots of hits to your blog because I put the link to it in the auction. =o)

    Hugs!!! ♥ Nana

  5. Happy Valentine's Day ♥♥♥........
    I was so sorry to hear about your illness.....You kick butt when you paint & with your art, so, cancer's ass is definately gonna be gone for you!! Take care and when you are all better, I will buy a piece of your art!! Promise!! ♥♥♥, Blessings, Kay
    OK, Now I want a BIG SMILE :o)


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