Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sleepyhead jones day

I cannot wake up this morning! All I want to do is pull my mask down over my face and sleep some more.

I think I will!

I did have to have my groshong pulled yesterday and a "pik line" put in my upper arm. At least it is giving blood easily. SO FAR. I just have to figure out how to maneuver regular clothes over this thing so I won't have to revert to the awful gowns. UGH.

Maybe some reading before I shut down for my morning nap.

Don't be jealous. Remember, I'll be happy to trade places with you~



  1. Hope you got a nice little snooze yesterday.
    How it snowed and snowed here! The kitties and I are stuck indoors and are ready for naps, too.

    Football later, Penny?


  2. Hi Penny, had to come check on you and see how you were doing. Yesterday was a good nap day here too. Tons of snow here. Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you! =o)

    The Penny Tree Auction is looking good!! We have about 35 ornies so far and Sam made a new will have to go take a peek at it. I think you'll see someone familiar. ;o)

    Love you!


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