Monday, February 8, 2010

So, I keep thinking WHY am I so TIRED???

Well, duhh, Penny. You have leukemia.

You are getting chemo.

Both will make you TIRED. Really, really TIRED.

GET OVER IT! Understand it. Move on.

Or, so I keep telling myself.

Yesterday was another tired day, due to lack of sleep on Saturday night. I think I made up for that last night. I feel much better this a.m.

I rallied after some phenergan. Miracle stuff, that phenergan. So, by 4ish, I was feeling better.

Read for a little while. (A W.E.B. Griffin novel set in WWII, New Orleans, Argentina, spies, Germans, etc--one of my favorite kinds of "reads".)

I was especially interested in it because during the end of the war, my uncle, Jim Marlow, happened to be in New Orleans where they were having an auction of stuff that had been on its way to the ex-pat Germans in Argentina for Christmas.

I can't remember if the ship (submarine) had been captured but I don't think it would have been blown up or the items wouldn't have been intact.

He brought home pony cart that could be pedaled. The pony was a huge stuffed animal, I think a Steiff. We (my cousins, Rudd and Jimmy) and neighbors (Polly, Vicki, Ellen Newton) would pedal that thing all around 15th Avenue. The legs moved the pony like it was picking them up and putting them down. A magnificent toy.

I wish I knew what happened to it.

I wish I could pedal it right out of the hospital today...or at least up and down the halls!

Take care and have a wonderful Monday.



  1. I so remember that cart! We would play and play with Jim and Rudd. I also learned how to play darts at their house. Although it was mostly a little sister watching the older brother and older boys play.

  2. You are in a magical land, my Penny.... Sweet memories and all the time in the world to do "guilt free" reading....I hate the reason why, however we can look to the "good" just for today... I love you Suga'... Christy

  3. Rudd said the pony cart went to Jim and Dolly Woodley and is gone now. He loved reading your tale of the cart.

    The Marlowes

  4. Oh my.....I bet that pony and cart would be worth a small fortune today. And I could just picture you riding up and down the hallway in it too! =o) I sent you a little present Penny. I sent it to your house though. Hoping someone brings it in to you. I think it will make you smile and thing happy memories. =D

    Hugs, Nana

  5. That should be "think" happy memories.......LOL

  6. Still willing to come show you some "PEP" exercises. Or, just visit and dream of younger days when we ALL had pep! love, love

  7. Hi, Penny,
    I do so love being able to keep up with you this way. I know it is easier than answering a gazillion phone messages and emails! What was the title of the WEB Griffin book? And for another interesting read, try Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. It's a YA novel about a dystopia in San Fransisco in the not to distant future. Great companion book to 1984.

    Love ya and keeping you in my prayers,
    Laurie F


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