Thursday, February 11, 2010

The rest of the pony story......

I found out from cousins and mama that Aunt Mary gave the pony cart (it WAS Steiff.....DAMN) to Charlotte Woodley for her children Jim and Dollie to use. After that, we don't know what happened to it. DOUBLE DAMN!

So, yesterday, while on a small phenergan trip, I lay in bed imagining that the cart might still be in the basement of the house they lived in in Pinehurst. Or that maybe it was stuck up in some garage rafters or something. Or maybe in a neighbor's basement or attic.

I guess I need to get out my Nancy Drew clothes, start of up my roadster, and get sleuthing!

My mother also added this story....I don't remember it happening but that's not saying it didn't and it does sound just like Frances!

One funny thing that I thought about that pony cart was that Frances Leapard got into it and just rode down the sidewalk one day with you running after her telling her it was your turn.She turned around and told you that she didn't take turns, didn't know what turns were and that you could just wait your turn.

You cried and Bobby (what I called my grandmother Lamont) went over to see Frances's grandmother and she got her out of the cart. Frances had a wonderful collection of toy kitchen furniture on that big front porch and she very quickly told you that you couldn't play with her with the furniture anymore. That ended playing too much with Miss Frances!!

I grew up to work for Bill and Doris Leapard...ahhh the stories, the design, the fascinating rooms upstairs that Bill decorated, the wallpaper books that were kept on the second floor of one of the garages out maybe they didn't know about selfish Miss Frances and the pony cart.

As an aside, I LOVED working at Leapard's, as well as The Collector's Shop. Such fun things to see and do every day!

I turned on the TV for the first time since I got here to check the weather after a nurse had mentioned snow for this weekend. I haven't check this morning, though the weather channel did move from 40% chance of precipitation to 70% as I lay in the bed thinking how glad I'm not at some Baltimore (or nearby) hospital, waiting for my family to come for a visit. about snow! I have a friend, Joanne Harper, that lives around York/Lancaster, PA area. She can already open the windows of her house and reach out and grab snow, it is that high. And that was just yesterday, before the next round was supposed hit.

Debby Brown, are you ok? Debby lives in Valley Forge.

Healthwise, I got some potassium through my pik line yesterday, so NO BURN. After struggling with taking just half of the ginormous pills yesterday, my nice nurse decided to order the liquid! Yea for Nurse Stepani!!!

Otherwise, things remain about the same. Low white count. Red fluctuates but haven't need blook transfusion in last couple of days. Platelets I got yesterday plus the extra potassium. Might even feel fit enough to venture and poke my nose outside if it actually DOES snow on Friday! Wow, just saw a map for tomorrow on Weather Channel

Get your taco soup made, girls!

Take care and have a great Thursday!



  1. Luv ya Penny! Your auction is just 3 days away now! I gave Joycee and Kaf a preview....;o) Joyce just kept saying WOW and Kaf got goosebumps and all teary eyed. So did her hubby Dickie when he read it. I can't wait for you to see it too! =o) I'm hoping we get tons of bids and $$$ for this very worthwhile cause!!!

    ♥ Luv from all your PFATTie sistas!!!!
    Hugs, Nana

  2. Penny where exactly did you live when you played with the Newtons? When was it?


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