Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wigging out.......

Being a person of large head circumference, wig shopping is proving, uhhhhh, difficult.

Yesterday Mama and I ventured into the boutique at the Cancer Center for the first time. It was time to face my fear. What wig would possibly look decent on top of my Dopey bald head?

Answer? Ummm, not many. The wigs that look so cute on the styrofoam head-lets sat on the top of my head like a bad toupe. Seriously. I think those styrofoam head-lets were modeled from five year olds. Very disconcerting.

Many of the wigs I tried on that had cute cuts really made me look like a large woman in a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, the kind of woman that shouldn't have short hair OR be wearing that t-shirt. Cruel, but true.

That cute cut just got lost on the volume of my head. I might have even been the original model for the bowling ball, I don't know.

We found one that made me sort of happy but I had that gut feeling about it. It was "ok" but not great. Of course, my mother loved it. We have always had "hair wars" since I was little so I was growing even more suspicious by the minute.

You see, my mother is blessed with this beautiful hair. It has always been gorgeous, she has always worn it in a certain style, which suits her well. It is just that that style doesn't suit me as well. But it is hard to explain that. This wig closely resembled her style and I KNEW my other two hair critics, Katie and MK, were going to say.

There were no words. Only looks.

The wig is being returned today.



  1. The good news is that you are feeling good enough to worry about this topic!!! Yay! love mbd

  2. I have the opposite problem...pea head...way too small for my body!!!!!
    Keep rocking those scarves and hats until you find just the right hair for you!
    Thoughts and prayers,

  3. Penny, I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. Do you really need a wig? I never wore one. I wore scarves and cute lady baseball caps. They come in such fun colors. Wrap a long scarf around your head, put the cap on, pull the scarf out the back of the cap and tie a big bow.
    I would wear pretty bins on my plain colored caps and really had fun with it.

    Your strength and spirit is amazing!!
    Hang tough sweet Penny!


  4. Mothers never change, it's in their job description!!! Love to all of you

  5. I agree with Linda...sometimes the caps and scarves are the ticket...Besides Penny, your personality and over-all exuberance about life will out shine any bad wig style! Pam

  6. Have fun with it. Platinum blonde, kinky curly, the Jennifer Anniston, Long straight black. No offense to your mom, but I wouldn't go that route just yet. And yes, K and MK told me they didn't like it. Such critics they are. :O)


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