Sunday, March 14, 2010

It was here all the time...

Thanks to dear friend, former colleague, and cancer survivor, Andrea Minear.

She had sent two that she had worn during her chemo. Another good friend, Kathie Gascoigne had dropped them off for me during a time when I was REALLY DOWN, and very swollen. I put one one, probably backwards, and promptly swore off wigs.

However, after getting two good makeup advisors in the house and challenging them to "well, put the damn make up on me if you think I need it so much!", materials were gathered and they begin play.

Then I remembered the first wigs that were brought by!

We had a winner and it was great to see the looks on the nurses on 2nd floors' faces when I rolled in for my nupagen shot.

It was a great affirmation!

Thank you Andrea, Kathie, Katie and Mary-Keeley for making feel like the old me again!!!!



  1. Penny has been pretty all along, but - wow - what a blonde bombshell!!! You look wonderful (as always) and we will buy the first round! Just name the day!

  2. Anne LaCoste chimed in:
    Wow! You look GREAT!

  3. I don't think you look like the old you. You look like the young you.


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