Thursday, March 11, 2010

Katie's new adventure....

Today Katie is taking me to the Cancer Center for my shots.

I'm really glad that yesterday I had the presence of mind to get them to check my blood while I there because she would have probably been freaked out about the turn of events.

One shot became one shot plus one unit of blood plus one unit of platelets plus one dose of liquid potassium.

I have to admit I'm feeling much better today, though.

I wish I knew how to explain how having leukemia feels. Yes, there are similar things felt amongst all us chemo-guzzlers but some how, I know this is so different.

Being weak and breathless is not easy. Feeling your stomach "roil", and at the least opportune time(s) is a symptom that chemo-guzzlers can relate to. I can't say how they do on making it to where they "need to be" when this happens but it can be hard if you have no breath or energy.

I see people walking in for their chemo treatments. I have to be rolled in, rolled back, rolled out.

Part of it is my fault for not building up muscles when I was earlier on in my treatments.

Katie is here now....let the adventure begin!


  1. I check every day to see how your'e doing. I know this has not been easy, but your attitude and spirit are going to pull you through. I can somewhat relate to some of what you have experienced and in many ways, I am a better person for having done so. I still wish, though, that there had been another route to get there. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  2. Penny, do I have to remind you that you always have the the presence of mind . . . .

  3. We can work on that muscle strength - let me know!


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