Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mom made a funny

MK and I headed up to ICU yesterday to see Mom. She looked a MILLION times better than when we saw her on the second floor Sunday afternoon. Vitals were great and things are looking up.

We (MK and I) got a small case of the giggles while sitting with Mom as she was half asleep and had just taken a Phenegren (sp?) before we got there which resulted in "word vomit" and some pretty funny conversations that we can't wait to tell Mom about. With a woman as creative as Mom you can imagine the types of things she was saying.

We want to thank EVERYONE for the thoughts and prayers being sent our way-keep 'em coming!

God bless all the Dr.'s and nurses in the ICU that have taken such wonderful care of Mom. They are angels here on earth who don't get near enough credit as they deserve.

Love to ALL!



  1. Great news Katie! Thanks for posting!

  2. So glad to hear she is doing better!
    We has a prayer from me everyday.

  3. Thanks Katie!
    What you call "word vomit" I call "diarrhea of the mouth"....
    I'm so glad Penny is doing so much better!

    Anne LaCoste

  4. Been away for a while...whew what a time you are having! Good to know you are on an up-swing...now keep that swing! Take care dear Penny! Sending oodles of hugs, Pam

  5. So glad to hear she is doing better. That healing, white light does do wonders. Keep up the great work, girls. She couldn't do this without you. Love, Beth

  6. We've been stopping in when we're up there visiting Norman, and must say Penny is saying interesting stuff... wonder which mushroom is in the IV! BTW, the nurses on MICU are the best in the world.
    Anna and family

  7. Great news! You are so right about the MICU they are the best!

  8. So happy to hear there's improvement! Prayers still ascending here, Penny! :)

    ~ Carolee


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